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Five Common Skin Problems Affecting Your Dog - Part One

Dog’s skin can be as sensitive as human’s skin. Dogs can suffer from rashes, itches and burns. If you want to maintain your dogs health you must pay attention to what’s under their coats. You must look out for these 5 common skin problems.

Atopic Allergies

This skin problem is the most seen by vest. It is the number one skin disease affecting dogs. Atopic Allergies are more often seen than food allergies. They are a huge challenge to an owner. It may be hard to identify what is causing your pets allergies. Unlike our allergies your pet may not sneeze from exposure to mold, dust, or pollen. The allergies will most likely develop as a skin problem.

The process of your dogs allergies is a mystery to us. There is a release of histamines in the skin. This makes your dog scratch itself causing a sore known as a hot spot. This may happen during specific times of the year.

Depending on your dogs personality they may let these spots heal or they may keep them around indefinitely. This spot may become a daily issue. A change in diet may help ease the dogs scratching. Introducing Omega-3 fatty acids can help as well as Biotin and Vitamin B

A way to ease your pets itching may be giving them a bath. Special shampoos are available to gently clean the skin. Medication may be another step to help your dog. Antihistamines can help your dogs allergies. An oral steroid like Prednisone can clear up hot spots in just a few days. A safer drug to use is cyclosporine.

Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks are a common parasite found on dogs. Most dog owners have run into these little pests. They can jump from dog to dog and hop all over your house. They live off the blood of your dog. They collect by the base of the tail and around the neck where there is plenty of blood. Ticks latch on wherever they can hide and get settled.

The dog does not react to the bites of the fleas but the saliva is irritating to the dogs skin. Fortunately there are many easy fixes for these pests. Shampoos, collars and powders have been known to fight the pest. You must be proactive with fleas because they can quickly become a problem for you and your pet.

Bacterial and Yeast Infection

Bacterial and yeast infections occur when the immune system of the dog becomes compromised. The skin of your dog naturally contains both yeast and bacteria. If the dog suffers some problem resulting in a weakened immune system, infections can occur. The treatment is preventative in nature. You must take care of the causal factor. You need prevent a weakened immune system. When you control this, you will reduce substantially the chances of either a bacterial or yeast infection. This approach has become critical with the recent appearance of a super bacterium. This particular strand is hard to kill.

In the next article two more skin issues will be discussed, Ear infections and Mites.
Content written by Lenny Gordon of, where you can find a fantastic collection
of raised dog feeders online.


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