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Five Common Skin Problems Affecting Your Dog - Part Two

Your dog can suffer from many skin problems. Most problems are easily cured but some can pose a problem. In the previous article we discussed 3 kinds of skin issues; atropic allergies; fleas and ticks; and bacterial and yeast infections. In this article ear infections and mites will be explained

Ear Infections

Ear infections may not seem like a skin problem. But it is an infection of the skin inside the ear. An ear infection may be a sign of a greater health issue.

Infections can manifest in only one ear. But severe infections can involve both ears. The ear looks swollen and painful. You dog will constantly be scratching at the hurt ear.

Ear infections start with inflammation and cause an overproduction of wax in the ears glands. As a result the ear stays damp and perfect for bacteria to grow. Bacteria and yeast that lives on your dog increase in number.

The bacteria and yeast multiply they poison the skin. The result is more inflammation and starts a dangerous cycle. Your dogs ear infection will not go away without your intervention. Your action can prevent permanent damage to your dogs skin and hearing.

You can treat ear infections. Clean your dogs ears well before you introduce any soothing treatments. Use steroids to soothe the dogs glands and reduce swelling. Ointments can help the irritation. The best way to treat ear infections is to prevent them from happening. Clean your dogs ears frequently.


Mites are nasty little creatures. They are so tiny you can’t even see them. They live on your dogs skin and feast off your dogs

Mites are insidious microscopic creatures. They live on the body of your dog and feast off of it causing a condition called mange. These parasites come in 2 major types: Dendrex and sarcoptes - neither are pleasant to dealing with. Both can cause your dog excessive misery.

Demodex is the more benign of the 2 species. They frequent immature dogs over adults. They hide in the hair follicles, preferring the face and paws. Demodex mites cause less itching.

They result in less self-mutilation and, overall are least bothersome.


Demodex mites are easily diagnosed and not difficult to treat. This cannot be said about sarcoptes. These parasites are behind Sarcoptic Mange. This highly communicable infestation is more elusive to both diagnosis and treatment. They may be missed even after placement of affected tissue under the microscope.

Sarcoptic mange can cause trauma and hair loss. The animal may lose clumps of skin and have sore, crusty, scabs covering his or her body. This is often misdiagnosed as allergic dermatitis. Treatment may be delayed. This can result in death.

Treatment for Mange is similar for both kinds of bugs. Dips and some monthly flea treatments include mite prevention. Medicines are available to treat Mange but you must get them from the vet.

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